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Dale Bracewell, P.Eng, MASc

As a visionary transportation engineer, Dale is a global mobility leader and catalyst for enabling sustainable mobility to create healthy, safe communities. As Principal of Mobility Foresight, Dale provides advisory services that integrate strategic planning with a forward-thinking mindset to facilitate transformative and resilient mobility solutions.

With over two decades of mobility experience at the City of Vancouver, Dale has been a senior leader in advancing the sustainability of the transportation system in one of the world’s most liveable cities. Dale led their Transportation Planning, including initiating new sustainable mobility strategies to advance the Climate Emergency Action Plan. He created the City’s first Active Transportation team, the integrated mobility plan for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and co-led the development of Transportation 2040, an award-winning 30-year citywide plan.

As an influential public policy leader, Dale contributes to government excellence programs and provides inspirational keynotes to global cities championing sustainable mobility progress with a people-centered approach. As a trusted advisor, he enjoys translating his passion for mobility and leadership experience from Vancouver to other public agencies and partners, supporting others to accelerate sustainable transport growth that best serves residents and businesses.

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Enthusiastic and inspirational, Dale Bracewell delivers transportation presentations that prompt audiences to facilitate sustainable mobility progress in their communities. Dale brings a unique perspective as a ‘plangineer’ with over twenty years of mobility expertise working in one of the world’s most liveable cities.

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