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Transformative for Today
Resilient for Tomorrow

Mobility Foresight provides advisory services that integrate strategic planning with foresight to envision and accelerate transformative and resilient solutions for the mobility of people and goods.

At Mobility Foresight, we are inclusive problem solvers: we build collaborative, trusted partnerships with public agencies, with businesses and with the community.

Led by founder, Dale Bracewell, P.Eng., Mobility Foresight is here to help you create and enhance forward-thinking mobility visions, plans, roadmaps and implementation blueprints.

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Illustration by Sam Khany

Mobility Foresight Values

Mobility Foresight builds its relationships and provides its services based on three core values:

curiosity, generosity and integrity.

“With some forethought, we can prevent problems before they happen, and even when we can’t stop them entirely, we can often blunt their impact"

Dan Heath, Upstream 

“Foresight is not about predicting the future, it’s about minimizing surprise"

Karl Schroeder, Foresight Consultant 

“You need to have a coherent, consistent program of seeking out tomorrow and preparing for it"

Richard Worzel, Who Owns Tomorrow 

Why Foresight?

We live in a world of increasing complexity and volatility. While it is not possible to predict the future, using strategic foresight increases the likelihood of achieving our visionary goals. By definition, foresight is simply the act of looking forward. More holistically, foresight is anticipating our future needs and translating that into strategic actions today.

At Mobility Foresight, we cultivate an anticipatory mindset in our strategic advisory services. We look ahead to the most probable and plausible mobility futures through scanning trends, connecting patterns, systems thinking, and testing scenarios.


Giving Back

Many of us who champion improving mobility live in the wealthiest and healthiest developed communities. At Mobility Foresight, we strive to leverage our influence to benefit those who lack basic transportation infrastructure or sustainable mobility choices.

As a company, we support World Bicycle Relief, an international non-profit providing bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs living in rural regions. By partnering with Mobility Foresight, together we can assist World Bicycle Relief in mobilizing individuals and communities to overcome the barrier of distance and thrive.

For more on our Founder’s interest in giving the ‘Power of Bicycles,' please visit

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